Firebug Photography offers an end-to-end visual media videography service from concept through to completion. This includes planning and idea creation, filming and editing.

We do so with professional production equipment, high-definition cameras and the latest support gear. Lighting, sound and movement devices such as dolly and stabilisers are part of our many add-ons.

Whether you seek to communicate internally such as staff training, or for external customer engagement, our highly qualified team work closely with you. We ensure your business or project message is conveyed with maximum impact. And all music used to accompany visuals is legally licensed so you can distribute your videos free of copyright concerns.

See our talented videography experts in action

End-to-end solution to your videography needs

In an increasingly digitised world, imagery and video sends a powerful message that words simply can’t convey. Our professional and experienced videographers have the technical skills and expertise to produce quality video content. Our creations can be used across multiple channels and for many purposes.

Your video content will help elevate your business’s brand, communicate your services/products, build trust in your team and lead to improved success for your business. Our team can create quality video content for your brand, capture an event, develop training material, communicate a message, can be used as bite-sized videos on social media or tell a story.

With drone, photography, and time-lapse photography within our creative toolkit, we can produce multi-technology experiences for your audience in an extremely tailored and sophisticated way.

Training and education videos

Project videos, which can include drone footage or time-lapse content

Brand and service videos

Social media short-form videos

Event video content

Corporate video

Case study or testimonial videos

Company profile videos

Powerful video for businesses

Contact us for more information on our videography services and to discuss your project needs.

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