Time Lapse

Time lapse photography captures change over a period of days, months or years in a way that people don’t typically appreciate.

It’s an extremely powerful tool and is typically utilised by Firebug Photography clients to tell a story or demonstrate the uniqueness of a build, scale of operations, showcase capabilities, workforce expertise or the status of a project. It can also be utilised for planning, logistics and management of a project such as productivity, safety and contractor management.

Time lapse photography is most commonly used to showcase the construction or demolition of infrastructure and mining operations as well as to capture activity at major events.

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Firebug Photography use the very latest cameras and solar powered units with 3G capability that enables constant, fully remote access to your project. We have the resources to shoot with numerous units mounted at various vantage points, depending on the size and nature of the project. With remote access, you can also watch or review vision online with your own unique login.

Glencore, Ravensworth Open Cut Mine | 600T Digger Time-lapse video

Downer Group | Beryl Solar Farm, Gulgong NSW

This site saw two time lapse cameras mounted on our trailer units. The cameras are able to go to a height of 10m on the trailer mast. These units are able to be moved around any site with ease and relocated to follow the work. We also used drones on this site. We have a CASA licensed pilot who can travel throughout NSW.

Complete Parts & Equipment Solutions

Mining is a big part of the economy of NSW, and saving money is one way to stay ahead of the game. Here, a CAT 789 is being pulled apart, and then rebuild with new components, to ensure the life of this massive machine. This was a 4-week build, and we had 2 time lapse cameras on this project, plus drone and roving cameras.

Reds Global | Crane Slide

Reds Global, a crane hire company on the Central Coast hired Firebug for a crane slide. This is where they literally slide the crane on a bed of grease from its permanent position over the elevator shaft, to its new position over the stairwell.

Western Plains Regional Council

This timelapse video is of the South Dubbo Weir construction project. We installed 1 timelapse camera for the construction, which went over an 18 month period. 6 of those months the river was in flood!!

We also went to the site each month to capture extra timelapse sequences with our mobile camera units to add extra edit points for the final video. Construction timelapse is our speciality

Brookefield Multiplex | Stockland

Firebug Photography captured the $430M construction build of a Stockland Shopping Centre.

This time lapse photography project is filmed over two and a half years.

Brookefield Multiplex | Stockland

This video shows the third crane installation on the Stockland Shopping Centre, built by Brookefield Multiplex.