Photography with drones

Take your brand and project to new heights by benefiting from photography with drones

There is a wide range of reasons to consider photography with drones for your project. It’s most often utilised by businesses to communicate the significance of location, site, project or specific assets of a job. Altitude gives your audience new perspectives. Create powerful messaging around your project, site or business by using aerial photography.

Firebug Photography has several Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, available to capture dramatic aerial images from almost any legal height or angle.

Our state-of-the-art, professional class drone technology allows us to achieve a remarkably steady, ultra-high-definition panoramic and 360-degree vision.

With professional, fully qualified and experienced pilots who hold all the necessary CASA accreditation, permits and insurances we can undertake work otherwise not achievable without these wonderful devices.

See our talented videography experts in action

Drone Photography, Photography with drones, Firebug Photography

Experience photography with drones to make your projects stand out

Collaborating with an expert on photography with drones to capture your project from the air ensures that composition and consideration of light are expertly incorporated, leading to a higher quality result. Understanding the way your drone photography will add to the overall story of your project or brand is pivotal.

Our team of experienced drone photographers specialises in understanding your objectives, meticulously planning the optimal flight path, and selecting the best perspectives for your shoot.

We know the best way to work with lighting, the best angles of your project, the laws around flight paths and the best approach to retouching to deliver an optimal outcome from your drone photography.

We make capturing a multi-million-dollar shot of your project or site affordable.

Large-scale sites, such as mining or industrial sites and projects

Commercial and residential sites

New developments

Construction work

Lifestyle content

Location content

Taking your brand or project’s storytelling to new heights

Contact us for more information on our drone photography services and to discuss your project needs.

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