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Time-lapse of construction for Port Macquarie Waste Management

Time lapse of construction for Recycling, Renewables and Waste Management facilities

We used time lapse photography to capture the major construction of the Cairncross Waste Management Project located in Port Macquarie. The project also highlighted the importance of recycling and renewables in modern waste management facilities.

In today’s climate, recycling, renewables, and waste management are increasingly important. The science is clear when it comes to recycling and its positive impacts on the amount waste produced. So it is essential that both elements work together to ensure we are able to reach a point of sustainable waste management.

Modern Facilities like Cairncross Waste Management utilise renewables to assist in reaching its sustainability goals and ultimately to reduce costs.

Port Macquarie Hastings Council utilised new cells, enabling them to get another 8-10 years life out of the existing waste management facility. Now they are able to sort and recycle materials that enter the site in a more sustainable manner.

Filming the project – capturing the complete experience of this major construction project through time lapse

The Firebug Photography team recently spent ten months recording this major construction project to upgrade the Cairncross Waste Management Facility. As you can see, we have expertly combined time lapse photography and drone footage to create an all-rounded representation of the project.

From a technical perspective, Firebug Photography shot the time lapse from just one elevated location. We used our extended height hinged poles, allowing us to place the camera at an ideal height without the safety hazard of working at heights. This allows for the time lapse to be captured more easily, as additional safety precautions are not required. As a result, we were able to minimise the costs involved with installing timber poles and elevated work platforms.

We also utilised our latest solar powered time-lapse cameras units with 4G capability. This allowed both our team and Port Macquarie Hastings Council to monitor the project remotely. This is an additional benefit for our clients, as it means they can regularly check in on the progress of the project anywhere, anytime.

This project was shot at ten-minute intervals, allowing all the key stages to be highlighted, whilst balancing the total length of the presentation. To capture the finished project, we utilised a drone, flown by our licensed pilot, allowing us to see and record the project from an aerial perspective.

The final time lapse of construction video shows the start of the project, when the site was being prepared and levelled, through to the base level fill and then the final product, ready for the region to be able to use.

If you would like to find out more regarding time lapse photography for your next project, contact us

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