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Time lapse of building construction – the perfect way to capture your major construction jobs

The Firebug Team recently spent thirteen months capturing a time lapse of building construction for this $73 million dollar major upgrade to the Farley Waste Water Treatment Facility. As you can see, Firebug has expertly combined time lapse photography and video to create an all-rounded representation of each stage of the project.

From a technical perspective Firebug shot the time lapse from just one elevated location, utilising our latest solar powered timelapse cameras units and 4G capability. This allowed both our team and clients John Holland Group to monitor the project remotely.

This project was shot at ten-minute intervals, allowing all the key stages to be highlighted, whilst balancing the total length of the presentation. When the project reached a major milestone, one of our team would visit site and use our roving time lapse cameras to capture this work at ten – thirty second intervals during these stages.

What makes time lapse of building construction so incredible?

If you have a major construction project that is about to start or even in its early developmental stages and are looking for the perfect way to showcase what you do, and how you do it to potential future clients, then time lapse photography is your answer!

Recording your project as a time lapse allows you to break your months, or even years of progress down into a polished one-to- two minute presentation. We can also come to site when requested, to capture major works with drone, video, and our roving cameras, to give you a uniquely detailed end-video of the whole project build.

Time lapse photography of building construction is by far the most cost-effective option when recording your project from start to finish.

So now you know why time lapse photography is our pick, why should it be yours?

Time lapse for building construction allows you to capture change over the course of your project in a way that people don’t typically appreciate when seeing the finished product.

Time lapse photography for major construction projects is an extremely powerful tool. It can tell a story, demonstrate the uniqueness of a build, show the scale of operations, showcase capabilities, and show the status of a project, in detail.

Time lapse photography can also be used for planning, logistics and management of projects such as productivity, safety, and contractor management. It can help streamline timelines and reduce time loss by highlighting downtime and inefficiencies.

However, it’s most common use is to showcase the construction or demolition of infrastructure and mining operations providing stakeholders with historical documentation and project development.

If you’re sold on time lapse photography to record your next project. And would join the likes of the John Holland Group and their recent development of the Farley Waste Water Treatment FacilityStockland, Lendlease, CSR, Origin Energy and so many more, reach out today!

Firebug Photography has a proven track record of working with some of the biggest companies in Australia, always delivering high quality of content and ability to adapt to the needs and nature of any project.

Firebug Photography use only the very latest cameras and solar powered units with 4G and 5G capability, enabling the team to have constant and fully remote access to your project. The remote access capability also allows stakeholders to watch or review vision online with your own unique login.

Does your project look amazing from all sides? Firebug Photography also have the resources to shoot with numerous units mounted at various vantage points, depending on the size and nature of the project. Opting for multiple angles in your time lapse allows us to create depth and breadth to your projects, and ensures we are capturing every angle, at every moment, to suit stakeholder needs.

To find out how Firebug can help make your next project one to remember, contact us.

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