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Creating a railway engineering time-lapse photography experience for the Intercity Fleet

Are you looking for an engineering time-lapse photography solution to showcase your rail infrastructure project? Time-lapse photography allows for affordable tracking of your rail projects build process.

Time-lapse is an integral aspect of any engineering project, simply because it captures the life of the build from start to finish. With client access to a hosting page, it allows you to see current up to date images, which can also reduce site visits. Remote access allows anyone that you want, to see the goings-on at any stage.

Experience dramatic construction changes in a matter of seconds.

Capturing the process of the New Intercity Fleet project involved a 20-month video recording, which was streamlined down to a two-minute video. During the development of this major rail infrastructure project, we used a total of six time-lapse cameras to capture every moment.

The site itself was three kilometres in length and featured two main bridges and six new rail lines that were being constructed. There were also three buildings as part of the project – including the main maintenance area which was 200m in length, the train wash building and the wheel lathe building.

Once the main shed roof had finished being built, we were able to move one of the cameras to the top of the main building. This helped us to capture the construction of the six rail tracks coming in. We were also able to move a camera internally, to capture the maintenance facility being built. During the project, we had ongoing discussions with the team engineer to receive updates on Timelines so that we could plan to capture time-lapse photography of upcoming works. The project was completed on time, and the client was able to use the time-lapse footage to pitch for further work.

Rail engineering time-lapse photography is a practical tool for monitoring rail projects.

We have seen a significant shift in organisations needing to find other ways to track progress, rather than always requiring an on-site visit. If we have learned anything from the pandemic, it is that more tasks can be completed remotely than was previously thought possible. Rail engineering time-lapse photography allows for live project observation and project tracking. This can be used to record key project moments – meaning that every stage of the project is accounted for. 

Interested in using time-lapse photography for your next project? Contact us today to learn more.

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