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Mining time lapse for Yancoal Hunter Valley Operations

A mining time lapse case study

Yancoal Hunter Valley Operations (HVO) is a multi-pit open cut mine located in Singleton, New South Wales.

HVO Senior Superintendent, Gary Brooks, engaged us to document the construction of a new maintenance facility through a comprehensive mining time lapse and drone footage project. The project spanned 14 months, capturing the evolution of the building construction from inception to completion. The resulting footage showcased the intricate process of construction and highlighted HVO’s commitment to innovation and progress.

What are the benefits of mining time lapse photography?

Engaging in mining time lapse photography offers numerous benefits for a mining company such as HVO. By capturing the intricate stages of construction, from start to finish, mining time lapse footage provides a captivating visual narrative and allows the community to gain a greater understanding of what is really involved in building a large piece of infrastructure.

Gary said, “It’s a great way to show that something is not just placed there. Most people walk past a space and one minute it’s not there and then it is. By watching the time lapse, you go, ‘oh wow’, that’s what’s involved.

“It’s a perfect visual representation of the construction and the complexities that go within it.”

These dynamic visuals not only serve as valuable marketing assets but also enhance stakeholder engagement by offering a transparent view of the construction process. Additionally, mining time lapse photography can showcase a company’s dedication to efficiency and precision in project execution, ultimately bolstering its reputation as an industry leader.

Gary continued, “With the Firebug Photography team capturing the start of construction to final handover of this critical piece of infrastructure to site stakeholders, a lot of other Yancoal sites are now looking to start capturing their project’s progress (whether production or machinery) from three months, to halfway and upon completion. They can all see the benefits that engaging in mining time lapse photography brings and we would not hesitate to use Al and the Firebug Photography team again.”

Capturing progress and powerful end results

At Firebug Photography, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand project timelines, key milestones, construction logistics and, of course, budget.

Detailed site visits were conducted to identify optimal camera and drone placement locations. We used three timelapse cameras over 14 months, and high-quality drones were utilised around the site to capture aerial footage and the sheer scale of the shed, as well as the evolving landscape from various angles.

Regular maintenance and monitoring ensured uninterrupted recording throughout the project duration. The HVO team were able to see the progress of the shed site remotely using our unique time lapse technology – saving travel time for stakeholders.

For Gary, he was left incredibly impressed with Al and the Firebug Photography team.

“There were no issues, the team were exceptional in every way. Al’s expertise and experience is second to none and if we needed him at the site, he was always there with no hesitation.

“Our budget that was initially established was also bang on and that included additional cameras and extra drone footage.”

Upon completion, the captured footage was meticulously edited to condense 14 months of construction into a three-minute compelling visual narrative and highlighting the different phases of construction.

Reach out today for a no-obligation quote and find out why all our clients say,

“Al is an absolute pleasure to work with and nothing is ever an issue.”

Ready for a mining time lapse team that goes above and beyond?

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