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Construction projects with time lapse photography captured start to finish

Looking for an interesting and unique marketing opportunity for your construction business?

Construction time lapse photography is the ideal way to showcase your projects in an engaging way.

Time lapse photography allows you to show-off your construction business’ skillset and expertise, from planning and logistics, to site management and delivery. It allows you to demonstrate your experience, quality of work and brand in a new light, giving you an edge over your competitors.

How construction time lapse photography works

Timelapse photography basically involves linking together still images from a fixed location – your site – at regular intervals. The images are weaved into a 1 – 4 minute video that documents the process of construction from start to finish.

Depending on the project, a time lapse video uses 1000’s of images that are cut into a showreel that you can use to exhibit your or your clients’ projects. The cameras we use include solar-powered units with 4G and 5G connectivity capacity, which allows remote access to the project.

The process of creating time lapse photography can be used for a 1-day event, through to long term construction and monitoring projects that may last years. It may take months or years on a construction site to achieve the desired outcome.

Benefits of using time lapse photography in large-scale projects

Time lapse photography for construction businesses is about giving you an edge over your competitors. Compelling to watch, time lapse videos are an effective way to showcase your quality of work, portfolio, and experience in a visual and engaging way.

Time lapse as a marketing tool

Time lapse photography/video is one of the best ways to showcase the large scale and complexity of your construction project, as well as build trust from your target audience. It’s a fantastic tool when it comes to attracting new partners and clients to your business, and can also offer reassurance to your current clients, which may prove beneficial for word-of-mouth.


Time lapse photography can be used across multiple marketing channels, such as on your website, social media, in advertisements and in client presentations which can be used later for marketing collateral. It’s also fantastic as a video feature should local or national news reach out regarding coverage of your project.

Site monitoring

Beyond acting as an effective marketing tool, time lapse photography is fantastic for site monitoring. By viewing images that are captured remotely, you will be able to ensure your project is on track without having to travel back and forwards to the job site. It also allows for live project observation from the client.


The great thing about time lapse photography is that there is visual documentation of the site. This documentation can be used to observe work rates and create efficiencies in the work chain providing valuable evidence to shape future projects.

Ready to create a buzz around your construction business through time lapse photography?

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