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Firebug Photography has years of experience providing time lapse for construction. We capture striking time lapse photography experiences that can be used as an effective case study tool for future work and to aid in improving your site management capabilities.

Our team has extensive experience working across multiple industries. From development and residential construction, through to commercial construction, including waste management, mining facilities and rail systems.


What are the benefits of time lapse for construction?

What timeframe can the time lapse cover?

Time-lapse offers particular documentation benefits to construction projects due to the slow and methodical process involved.

We’ve produced time lapse photography that covers a period of days, months and even years. Our sophisticated and durable set up ensures you can capture every aspect of your build, no matter the timeframe of the job.


Which construction jobs are suitable for time lapse?

Any construction job would benefit from time lapse photography, particularly those that carry on over a longer timeframe. Construction is a slow and gradual process, which means it can be difficult to communicate progress and monitor the site.

Time lapse for construction can help tell the story of your build as well as provide regular insight into how the job is going.

What equipment is used for time lapse for construction?

We use state of the art equipment to capture your construction job that can be installed wherever will ensure the best view and least amount of disruption of any work. Our cameras use the best data networks to allow remote control and update site images within seconds to our storage system.

Our time lapse camera equipment allows us to capture your job on the ground or aerially.

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