Firebug Photography

Time lapse construction photography for Hunter Valley mining equipment

Documented Case: Cat 6060BH 600 tonne excavator

Using time-lapse photography to record the construction and build process of your Hunter Valley mining equipment allows for project evolution to be easily seen. Diggers, dozers, mining trucks and graders, are some of the pieces of mining equipment that Timelapse photography can capture. Project and mine site managers and engineers, use time-lapse photography for high-end project documentation, during the capture of every stage.

Time-lapse photography is becoming more and more sought after in the mining and construction industry for numerous reasons. Not only does the footage offer real time progress updates, but it can also reduce site visits, allowing for total remote coverage of project development to all stakeholders. The completed footage can also be used as visual documentation of a project for clients to generate further business and showcase their abilities in this sector, as well as for important historical and safety documentation.

Showcasing the depth and scale of your Hunter Valley mining equipment

Time-lapse photography collects 1000’s of images at an interval to best reflect the project build time. These images are then edited together into a time-lapse video, which can then compress your build time into just minutes. Project build times can be from days to years.

We create stand-out footage that is guaranteed to showcase your Hunter Valley mining equipment. To ensure the details, scale and depth of your project is captured, we use the latest camera technology. Cameras and equipment can be set up on poles or existing structures around the site. Our equipment is solar powered, and comes with 4G capabilities, allowing for full remote access to the mining site – which can be reviewed online with your own unique login.

600-tonne digger time-lapse

The employment of the new 600 tonne diggers, allows mines to move across the bench quickly. The diggers have increased bucket size, which has allowed for trucks to be loaded in three passes. Some of these trucks can carry between 300 and 360 tonnes as a payload.

This unit was loaded at the Port of Newcastle and trucked up to the Hunter Valley, to one of the biggest coal mines in the area. In a matter of weeks, the unit was built and was then walked down the mine haul roads, to begin its life working the coal seam.

The time-lapse video was produced using one solar powered time-lapse camera unit, which was installed on a 10-metre timber pole. The purpose of the video was to showcase the unit arriving to the site, as it was the first, of many to be delivered to site. The video also showed the time needed to build the unit, which allowed the team to identify if there could be any improvements in efficiency.

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